Friday, April 21, 2017

Homework for 21/4/17

  E-MATH: 4 people need to email their solutions for Circular Measure to Mr Johari (DUE TODAY ASAP)
  PHYSICS: Read TextBook Pg 159 to 163 (DUE MONDAY 24/4/17)
  PHYSICS: S3-01/3 KMOM Concept Discussions (DUE MONDAY 24/4/17)
  PHYSICS: Complete KMOM Notes Pg 6-12 (DUE MONDAY 24/4/17) 
  E-MATH: Circular Measure Assignment 1 (DUE MONDAY 24/4/17)
  E-MATH: Circular Measure Notes Chapter E04 Pg 6: Exercise 2 to 5 (DUE MONDAY 24/4/17)
  E-MATH: Circular Measure Assignment 2 (DUE TUESDAY 25/4/17)
  A-MATH: Textbook Exercise 7.1 (pages 168-169): Questions 9b, 10c, 12, 13b, 15b
  A-MATH: Textbook Exercise 7.2 (pages 174-175): Questions 6b, 7b, 8ii, 10, 12b

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